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Meeting Schedule is subject to change by the Zoning Board of Appeals

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Agenda for 11/16/2017 meeting

Meeting Schedule:
1/03/2017submission deadline
1/18/2017regular meeting - cancelled

1/31/2017submission deadline
2/15/2017regular meeting

2/28/2017submission deadline
3/15/2017regular meeting

4/04/2017submission deadline
4/19/2017regular meeting

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6/21/2017regular meeting

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7/19/2017regular meeting

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10/18/2017regular meeting

10/31/2017submission deadline
11/16/2017regular meeting

12/05/2017submission deadline
12/20/2017regular meeting

Meeting Schedule is subject to change by the Zoning Board of Appeals

Agenda for 11/16/2017

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY THE TOWN OF PATTERSON BOARD OF APPEALS of a public hearing to be held on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Patterson Town Hall, 1142 Route 311, Patterson, Putnam County, New York to consider the following applications:

1. Anthony Falco: Case #26-17 – Area Variance: Accessory Structure (Held over since the September 19, 2017 meeting)

Applicant is requesting an area variance pursuant to §154-27A(12)(a) of the Patterson Town Code: Permitted accessory uses, in order to construct a storage shed. Accessory structures are not permitted in the front yard; Applicant wishes to construct a shed in front of the primary dwelling; Variance requested is to allow a shed to be located in the front yard of the property. This property is located at 78 Baldwin Road (R-4 Zoning District).

2. C & C 351 Cornwall Hill Road, LLC (Joseph Capasso): Case #29-17 – Interpretation (Held over since the October 18, 2017 meeting)

Applicant is requesting an interpretation pursuant to §154-45A(2) of the Patterson Town Code: Agricultural certification for nonconforming activities. Applicant is seeking an interpretation that the parcel use has not changed, in that it is still in an agricultural district and the site serves as a business center for off-site agricultural district uses. This property is located at 351 Cornwall Hill Road (R-4 Zoning District).

By Order of the ZBA
Lars Olenius, Chairman

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