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Amanda P. Tompkins, Assessment Clerk

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The town assessor has the responsibility for maintaining an accurate inventory of town properties and their taxable value. All real estate - including vacant land - is assessed. The assessment process is designed to ensure that each property owners pays a fair share of taxes levied by the town of Patterson, Putnam County, and the appropriate school district. The town of Patterson assesses at 100% of current market value.

The assessor does not set the tax rates. Town tax rates are set by the Patterson Town Board and Putnam County taxes are set by the County Executive and the County Legislature. School tax rates are set by the school districts (Carmel, Brewster, and Pawling).

Building permits and demolition permits may sometimes be required for work done on your property. The permit process provides a way for the building inspector to notify the assessor that a change in the taxable value of the property may be needed. For example, a demolition permit to remove a deck will notify the assessor that the taxable value of the property can be reduced by the taxable value of the deck. A building permit to add a bedroom will, on the other hand, notify the assessor that the value of the property has been increased because the square footage of the house has increased.

Property owners have the responsibility for monitoring their assessments and assuring the accuracy of the assessment. The most common way to do this is to determine whether the property description, known as the inventory, is correct. For a residence, an example of things to verify would include the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage of structures, and size of the lot. Property owners may make an appointment with the Assessor or the Assessor's Staff to discuss any discrepancies or assessment concerns. If the homeowners are still not satisfied, they may file a formal grievance by completing application RP-524 with their supporting evidence attached. The application and evidence must be submitted to the Board of Assessment Review by the fourth Tuesday in May.

The assessor works closely with the Putnam County Department of Real Property Services which maintains a computerized list of all properties in the County. The assessor is appointed by the Town Board.

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Assessor's Calendar

Several dates play a role in the assessment process. A list of these key events is available from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

Key dates
July 1 (prior year) Valuation Date
March 1 Taxable Status Date
March 1 Star Exemption
deadline for ALL exemptions
May 1 Tentative Completion of Roll
4th Tuesday in May Grievance Day
July 1 Final Filing of Roll

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Tax Rates for 2018/2019

Brewster School District
Homestead: 21.253422 Non-Homestead: 29.681367
Carmel School District
Pawling School District
Town and County
Rates are / $1,000 of assessed value

County of Putnam: 3.089577
Town of Patterson: 4.564947
Alpine Acres Water: 1.589215
Library: 0.725952
Patterson Fire District: 1.251102
Patterson Light: 0.203368
Patterson Park: 0.125424
Putnam Lake Light: 0.069927
Putnam Lake Park District: 0.551615

Flat Rate Annual Fees

Deerwood Drainage: 61.323529
Dorset Hollow District: 20.714286
Dorset Hollow Water (per unit): $791.285714
Fox Run Water (per 1,000): 3.460935
Putnam Lake Sanitation: $165.490798/year
Patterson Garbage District: $383.614500/year
Patterson Sewer, per bedroom (.50 unit = 1 bedroom): $429.56
Quail Ridge Road Improvement: 324.305556

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Informational Links

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Online Assessment Database

The assessment database site is maintained and hosted by SDG / Image Mate. Information and comments regarding the SDG website should be directed to the Patterson Assessor. Contact information for the Office of the Patterson Assessor can be found at the top of this page.

The database contains property descriptions and assessment details for all properties in the town of Patterson. Property owners should use the Public Access link. This information is also available at the Office of the Patterson Assessor.

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Assessor's Bulletin Board

Legal Notice - Exemption Deadline

Filing for all Exemptions


The Town of Patterson Assessor's office wishes to advise that the final day for filing for ALL Exemptions, is March 1st each year.

Forms or additional information are available by contacting the Assessor's Office, Patterson Town Hall, PO Box 470, #1142 RT. 311, Patterson, NY. (845) 878-9300. Email us at

Christopher Boryk, IAO

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