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Exemptions are available for several categories, including STAR (School TAx Relief), Senior Citizens, Veterans, Disabilities with Limited Incomes, Agriculture, and Forestry. Putnam County and New York State have also approved an exemption for residents who serve as volunteer firefighters.

These applications are available from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website:

Volunteer Firefighters / Volunteer Ambulance Workers Exemption
Basic STAR and Enhanced STAR Program Exemption
Senior citizen with Limited Income Exemption
Alternative Veteran Exemption
Cold War Veteran Exemption
Person with Disabilities and Limited Income Exemption
Agricultural Exemption

Building Department

Building Department Fees
Requirements for a Building Permit

Requirements for a Certificate of Occupancy
Certificate of Occupancy Checklist

Periodic Inspection Checklist for New Construction
Application for a Demolition Permit
Fuel Oil/Gas Permit
Information Packet for Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas

Application for a Building Permit

Chapter 129 Rental Registration Law
Rental Registration / Accessory Apartment Frequently Asked Questions
Rental Registration Application
Accessory Apartment Compliance Checklist

Highway Department

Driveway Permit
Highway Department Complaint / Inquiry Form

Planning Department

NYS DEC SEQR Regulatory Documents

Agricultural Data Statement:
This form must be completed for any application for a special use permit, site plan approval, use variance, or subdivision that would occur on property on which there is a farm operation, or on any property within 500 feet of a farm operation, located in a NYS Department of Agriculture and Market certified Agricultural District.

Fees Schedule
Address List Waiver Form
Driveway Postponement / Waiver Application
Fill Permit Application
Lot Line Adjustment Application
Sign Application
Site Plan Application
Stormwater, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Application
Subdivision Application
Freshwater Wetlands and Watercourse Permit Application


Forms for Patterson Recreation programs may be found on the Patterson Recreation website.

Town Supervisor

Parking Permits for the Disabled [ instructions and form ]
Residents with severe disabilities can contact the Supervisor's Office for the NYS DMV application for special license plates or parking permits. Permits are made available to residents with valid driver's licenses who have a doctor-certified physical impairment.
Town of Patterson Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Town Clerk

Recycling Center Permit
Bulk Garbage Pickup / Drop Off Application

Certified Copies

*Request Copy of Marriage License
*Request Copy of Death Record
*Genealogical Application

*All mailed in applications must be notarized. Complete the application and enclose a copy of drivers license and fee. All payments are to be made out to the Patterson Town Clerk.

Fee Schedule
FOIL Request Form
Town of Patterson Ethics Inquiry Form
Application for Seasonal Employment - Park District
Application for Use of Park Facilities
Patterson Park District Registration Form
Putnam Lake Park District Beach ID Registration Form
Putnam Lake Park District Boat Storage Registration Form


Fees Schedule
Application Form for a Zoning Variance

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