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Welcome to the Town Clerk’s page of the Town of Patterson website.

The office of the Town Clerk is often the most visible part of local government. The Town Clerk issues burn permits, fishing and hunting licenses, marriage licenses, park permits, special permits for bulk garbage pick-ups, and recycling permits. The Town Clerk’s office answers most general inquiries from the public. The Town Clerk is also the custodian of all official Town records, documents, and vital records including marriage, birth and death certificates.

The Town Clerk is the official Clerk of the Patterson Town Board. The Clerk has the responsibility for the posting of legal notices for Town Board meetings and public hearings, and also produces minutes of Town Board meetings. Those minutes can be viewed by following the link on the Town Board information page. Minutes are only released to the public after they are approved by a vote of the Town Board. The calendar of Town Board meetings and the agenda for the current Town Board meeting is also available on the Town Board page.

Please note that voter registration is handled by the Putnam County Board of Elections and not the Patterson Town Clerk.

The Town Clerk is an elected position with a term of four years. Deputy town clerks are appointed by the Town Clerk.

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Licenses, Vital Records, and Permits

Marriage Licenses

A marriage license is required for any person getting married in New York State and both parties must appear together to submit the application. A marriage license is valid for 60 days and is only valid within the State of New York. There is a 24-hour waiting period before the license can take effect. Please call the Town Clerk's office to schedule an appointment, 845-878-6500.

Each applicant must submit the following documents:

Vital Records (Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates)

The Town Clerk is the official record keeper of vital records issued within the Town of Patterson. The Town Clerk and the Deputy Town Clerk serve as Registrar and Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics. Official copies of marriage, birth, and death certificates issued within Patterson may be obtained from the office of the Town Clerk for a fee of $10.00. Certain vital records are also available through the New York State Department of Health. Please visit the NYSDOH website for information about obtaining birth, death, marriage and divorce records through the State Department of Health.

Copies of birth certificates will only be issued to the individual named on the certificate, provided that the individual is aged 18 or over, or to either parent named on the certificate.

Copies of death certificates are only available to the spouse, parent or adult child of the deceased. The application form may be found here.

Copies of marriage certificates will only be issued to the individuals named on the certificate. The application form may be found here.

Requests for these records may be made in person and the requester must supply photo ID. Alternatively, a request may also be made by mail, but the request form must be notarized and sent with a copy of photo I.D.

Building Permits

Building permits are only issued by the Building Inspector in the Building Department.

Burn Permits

Burn permits are available at the Town Clerk’s office all year, except between March 16th and May 14th, for the property owner only. Burning leaves is never allowed and burning brush is not allowed on Sundays and holidays. The fee is $25.00 for the year and the permit is valid for one month.

Parking Permits for the Disabled

Parking permits for the disabled can be obtained through the office of the Supervisor. The form and instructions can be found on the Town Board information page.

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are required for all dogs over the age of four months with a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate and a spaying or neutering certificate, if applicable.

The fee is: $7.50 for each dog that has been spayed or neutered, $13.50 if not. No fee is charged for guide dogs, police dogs, or service dogs. Please note that the Patterson Town code limits each household to no more than three dogs. The limit is four if one of the dogs is a service dog. Please contact the Town Clerk for specific information on this regulation.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

The Patterson Town Clerk is authorized by the New York State Department of Conservation ( DEC) to issue hunting and fishing licenses. Applicants for hunting licenses must apply in person and must show a photo ID and proof of completion of a hunting education safety course. Proof may be in the form of a completion certificate for the class or an old hunting license. Fishing licenses do not require the completion of a safety course. Fees vary by the type of license. Please contact the office of the Town Clerk for the current fee.

Hunting and Fishing licenses will be sold daily from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM.

Recycling Permits / Bulk Garbage Pickups

Permits for use of the Town Recycling Center are issued by the office of the Town Clerk. The permit is valid for a calendar year. Proof of residency is required (registration of vehicle entering the facility). The form may be obtained here. Information about the Patterson Recycling Center and curbside recycling programs can be found on the Recycling Center information page.

By mail: Recycling permits may be purchased by mail. Return the form to the Town Clerk’s office along with the required fee and a copy of your vehicle registration (registration of vehicle entering the facility). All checks must be made out to the Patterson Town Clerk.

Permits for bulk garbage pick-ups are also issued by the Town Clerk’s office. The form and fee schedule can be obtained here. General information regarding the Town's two garbage districts can be found on the Garbage District information page.

Veterans Memorial Park

The fee for the use of the Veterans Memorial Park is $125.00.

The application form can be obtained here.

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E-Z Pass

E-ZPass On-the-Go

E-ZPass On-the-Go is now being sold in the Town Clerk’s office. E-ZPass On-the-Go is an E-Z and convenient way to Save Time and Money. You can purchase a Tag at the Town Clerk’s office for $25.00. After purchase, register the tag with the New York State Thruway Authority online at or call 1-800-697-1554. Once registered, the $25.00 will be moved by the New York State Thruway Authority to your account to start your toll balance. Attach the tag to the windshield and start saving.

If you have any questions, please call the Town Clerk’s office at 845-878-6500.

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FOIL Requests

The New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requires municipalities to supply copies of government documents upon request. A FOIL request form is required and a fee may be assessed to cover the cost of making copies. The form can be obtained from the town clerk's office or an electronic form can be submitted here. Many zoning and planning related documents are available on the Planning Board information page.

While every attempt will be made to produce the requested material in the shortest amount of time, there may be circumstances that will cause delays. For example, older records must be retrieved from an offsite warehouse. Most onsite records can be supplied within 5 days. The State of New York Department of State has created an extensive website detailing the FOIL law and the rights of the public to obtain information from government agencies. Please consult this website for more information about the FOIL process.

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Town Clerk Bulletin Board

E-Z Pass

Recycling Permits

Effective December 1st of every year, the Town Clerk’s office will sell recycle permits for the following year.

First Permit: $30.00, or two for $40.00
Commercial Recycling Permit: $200.00

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