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Contact Information

District 1 - Putnam Lake Area:

AAA Carting Company is the primary sanitation company, and can be reached at 845-628-5000.

District 2:

Russell Goff, Garbage District Administrator
Patterson Garbage District Office
Cornwall Hill Road

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Patterson is comprised of two garbage districts. District 1 includes most the Putnam Lake area, and is serviced by AAA Carting Company. District 2 includes all parts of the town outside of the Putnam Lake area. Both Garbage Districts are funded through a separate line item in your property tax bill.

75 / 25 - The Townwide Goal For Recycling

The Town of Patterson strongly encourages all residents and business owners to participate in the recycling programs available in our town. SINGLE STREAM is fiber and co-mingles mixed and collected together and should equal 75% of your garbage. Household garbage should equal 25% of your total waste. You may not realize how many things are recyclable and the Single Stream program makes it easy to do. Please refer to the Recycling page for details of the Single Stream program.

Recycling is not only good for the environment but it also has an impact on your taxes. There are no operating landfills within Putnam County and all waste must be carted out of the area. The cost to dump town garbage includes fuel, labor, and wear and tear on the trucks. Patterson is also charged a fee by the landfill operator each time one of our trucks dumps a load at the landfill. It makes sense to reduce the number of trips made to the landfill, and recycling is an vital way of reducing the amount of garbage that must be hauled to the landfill. The Town actually receives revenue from many of the materials that are collected for recycling.

In 2014, the Town collected approximately 2,642 tons of garbage and recyclables, not including e-waste. The Town's goal is to recycle 75% of the waste. In 2014, that would have amounted to 1,981 tons of recyclables which would have produced a revenue of $33,687.00. Reducing the non-recyclable waste to 660 tons would have saved the Town approximately $178,000.00 in tipping fees. The savings are huge and have a direct impact on property taxes.

New York State law prohibits the disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) with household garbage due to the toxic materials used in their components. E-waste must be brought to the Recycling Center. Please refer to the Recycling page for detailed information.

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Pickup Schedules

District 1

Putnam Lake Area:

AAA carting picks up household trash on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Households that are WEST (The Hill Top) of Haviland Drive are picked up on Wednesdays. The rest of Dist 1, including Haviland Drive itself, is picked up on Thursdays. Recycling for the entire district will be picked up on Fridays. If you have questions, please call AAA Carting at 845-628-5000.

District 2

District 2 is divided into 4 zones. Please review the zone lists to determine your pickup day.

Garbage and recyclables will be collected on the same day but garbage must be separated in a different container from the recyclables. Recyclables must be placed in a container marked with an "R". Please review the Recycling page for detailed instructions for the single stream recycling program.

Single Stream Program
Find Your Zone
Find Your Pickup Schedule:
Blue Zone - Mondays Orange Zone - Tuesdays Green Zone - Wednesdays Red Zone - Thursdays

Holiday Exceptions for 2020:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Monday 1/20/20: Monday Blue route to be picked up on Tuesday
Lincoln’s Birthday – Observed Monday 2/10/20: Monday Blue route to be picked up on Tuesday
Presidents day – Monday 2/17/20: Monday Blue route to be picked up on Tuesday
Memorial Day – Monday 5/25/20: Monday Blue route to be picked up on Tuesday
4th of July – Saturday 7/4/20: Recycling Center open
Labor Day – Monday 9/7/20: Monday Blue route to be picked up on Tuesday
Columbus Day – Monday 10/12/20: Monday Blue route to be picked up on Tuesday
Veterans’ Day – Wednesday 11/11/20: Wednesday Green route to be picked up on Friday
Thanksgiving – Thursday 11/26/20: Thursday Red route to be picked up on Monday, Recycling Center Closed
Day after Thanksgiving – Friday 11/27/20: Recycling Center Open, Sanitation Closed, Condos will be picked up Monday
Christmas – Friday 12/25/20: Condos will be picked up on Thursday
New Years – Friday 1/1/21: Condos will be picked up on Thursday

Recycling Program Details

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Please review our Recycling page for information on Recycling programs for District 1 and District 2.

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Bulk Dropoff / Pickup (All Districts)

Residents of Districts 1 and 2 can bring bulk dropoff items to the Recycling Center. Permits can be obtained at Town Hall.

The Town and AAA Carting Company reserve the right to refuse to pick up any hazardous or toxic waste, or items that cannot be identified. Putnam County sponsors two annual hazardous waste pickups which must be used for the disposal of hazardous wastes. The County will publicize the dates of the collections in the local newspapers and on the Putnam County website. These dates will also be posted on the announcements page of the Town of Patterson website. You may also contact the Putnam County Health Dept. at 845-278-6130 for more information.

Electronic waste is not accepted. Please contact the manufacturer or the place of purchase for disposal information.

Bulk items are not to be placed at curbside until a pickup date is arranged.

District 1

District 2


Garbage District Bulletin Board

April 1, 2020

Dear Town of Patterson, Garbage Dist 2 Residents,

Although now is a great time to do some spring cleaning, please do not exceed your allotted 3 – 45 gal bag or can limit. We can only pick up household (kitchen, etc) trash. We are unable to do any bulk pick ups at this time. This is mainly because all the trash will not fit on the trucks.

Also, we have unfortunately had to suspend the recycling program. You can either put recyclable items out with your trash, or hold onto it until we are able to resume the program in the near future.

We are currently working at half-staff, and we are trying to keep our employees as safe as possible during this difficult time.

If you have any questions, please call 845-878-4341 or email

Your compliance is greatly appreciated!


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