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The information on this webpage is provided by the Patterson Highway Department

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Contact Information

Edward D. Foster Jr, Highway Superintendent
Gene Brandon, Foreman

Margaux Miller, Secretary

The Patterson Highway Department
281 Cornwall Hill Road
Patterson, NY 12563

845-878-4379 - Fax

Hours: 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM weekdays

After hours: Please leave a message for the secretary at extension 10.

If you are reporting an emergency or any other matter that requires immediate attention, please contact the appropriate police or emergency service. A full list of police and emergency services with jurisdiction in Patterson can be found on the emergency services page.

During snow storms all roads are monitored 24 hours/day.

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New residents are sometimes confused by the multiple jurisidictions that are responsible for maintaining the roads in Patterson. The Patterson Highway Dept. has the sole responsibility for roads that are owned by the Town of Patterson. The Town of Patterson contains 242 town-owned roads that total 66.12 miles. The Putnam Lake area contains the larger share of the town-owned roads consisting of 151 roads or 27.63 miles. The remainder of the Town consists of only 91 roads but has the greater mileage, 38.49 miles.

Patterson also contains many New York State highways which are maintained by the New York State Department of Transportation. Examples of these roads are NYS Route 22 and NYS Route 311. Patterson also contains many Putnam County roads which are maintained by the Putnam County Highway Department. Examples of these roads are Cornwall Hill Road and Fairfield Drive. The Patterson Highway Dept. has no jurisdiction over State or County roads and inquiries or complaints about those roads must be made to the appropriate agency. The NYS DOT can be reached at 845-878-6361 and the Putnam County Highway Dept. can be reached at 845-878-6171.

A crew of 13 men is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of Town roads. The Patterson Highway Dept. does 90% of the tree removal inhouse rather than rely on outside contractors. The chart below lists the number of miles of road that have been paved every year for the past 12 years:

highway repaving_chart flyer

Ongoing department programs include:

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Important information

In the interest of safety, please remember the following:

When communicating with us via email, please include the following information:

For your convenience, you may use our PDF Complaint/Inquiry form to contact us. The form can be downloaded from the Highway Department section on the Forms page. Simply download and complete the form and then attach it to your email message.

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Mailbox Guidelines

The Town Highway policy is not to replace or repair mailboxes damaged by the impact of snow when plowing or damaged by any snow removal process. The Town will consider repair/replacement if the mailbox assembly is located properly and damage occurred due to driver error. To minimize the risk of danger:

  1. The mailbox, including support arm, should have a minimum clearance of 41" above the road side shoulder,
  2. The front of the mailbox should not extend beyond the edge of the shoulder.
  3. The mailbox post should be a minimum of 16' from the center of the road.
  4. The mailbox should be clearly visible.

Mailboxes which are properly installed and maintained generally do not interfere with snow and ice removal. Mailboxes should not be constructed or installed in a manner that interferes with routine snow removal or in a manner which clearly presents an unacceptable risk to snow removal operations or the traveling public.

Please note that the U.S. Postal Service also has specific policies regarding mailbox placement. These policies are designed to faciltate the safe delivery of mail and to protect the carrier and his vehicle. Please contact the local postmaster if you need additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a dead tree in my yard. Will you cut it and take it away?

We will do this if it is in our right of way (within 25 feet from the center of the road). Otherwise, you are responsible for the tree. We do not remove live trees unless they are a hazard to the roadway. We also do not remove trees that have grown into utility wires. You need to call NYSEG at 800-572-1131.

Q: Will you remove the dead deer from the road?

A: We will come and remove the dead deer if it is a Town owned road. Dead deer on state and county roads should be referred to the appropriate agency. The NYS DOT can be reached at 845-878-6361 and the Putnam County Highway Dept. can be reached at 845-878-6171.

Q: When are they going to mow?

A: We have two full-time roadside mowers that mow continuously all summer long.

Q: When are you going to plow my road?

A: Our plow routes take approximately 3½-4 hours to complete. Your road will be addressed sometime during each plow run.

Q: Will you fix my mailbox?

A: Even though it is not legally required, the Town will consider repair/replacement if the mailbox assembly is located properly and damage occurred due to driver error.

Q: Why do I get more snow plowed into my yard than my neighbor's do?

A: We do not intentionally plow more snow onto your lawn than your neighbor's lawn, but depending upon your location, this could happen.

Q: How do I place a bid for providing material/services for the Highway Dept.?

A: Our bid specifications are available at the Patterson Town Hall usually after March 1 and must be submitted by March 31.

Q: When will my road be swept?

A: We start sweeping roads in the beginning of April. Your road will be swept sometime thereafter.

Q: A street light is out. Can you fix it?

A: NYSEG is responsible for fixing the streetlights. You can call them at 800-572-1131.

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511NY is New York State's official traffic and travel information source. Whether you drive or take public transit, visit 511NY for precisely what you need, or simply dial 511 on your phone. Wherever you're going, 511NY is here to get you there. 511NY is a free service of the New York State Dept. of Transportation.

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Highway Department Bulletin Board

Winter Parking Regulation

Please remember that cars should not be parked on any Town highway or turnarounds from November 15 - April 15 between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense. Parked vehicles obstruct snow plowing operations and the vehicles may be damaged by the plows.

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