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Advisory Board
Beaches and Park Area
Boat Regulations
Best Practices for Living in Putnam Lake Lake Water Quality


The title to parkland property previously owned by the Putnam Lake Community Council (PLCC) has been transferred to the Town of Patterson for all the district residents to enjoy. The Patterson Town Board approved a new section of Town Code for the district and has appointed a Park Advisory Board to assist its management.

The Park District operates under its own budget and is one of many special districts under the Town, paid for by those using the services (similar to a sewer or lighting district.) The cost is paid as a separate line item through taxes, based on individual property values. An average Putnam Lake home pays approximately $100. (Connecticut properties with deeded lake rights may use the facilities as an "out-of-district" user by paying a $100 fee to the Town of Patterson.)

The boundaries of the district were determined by the properties that have deeded rights to use the lake. The Putnam Lake Park District was established for the benefit of Putnam Lake residents when a community petition was presented to the Town of Patterson in 2011. All facilities and services, use of the lake and parkland are now reserved for residents owning or renting homes within the district.

If you would like to learn more about the origins of the Putnam Lake community, visit the Town of Patterson history website, Historic Patterson.

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Advisory Board

The Park Advisory board is a group of volunteers appointed by the Patterson Town Board. Its job is to advise the Town Board on the needs of Putnam Lake residents and assist in managing the Park District land, water and facilities. The current member are:

Margaret Cairney (Chair)
Laura Russo
Stewart Cublinsky
Mike Ercole
Perla Granados
Lucinda Johnson

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Beaches and Park Area

The area surrounding Putnam Lake is open to all Putnam Lake residents for recreational use. These areas include all beaches, park areas, boat launches, storage areas, existing docks and pathways. All residents may also use Memorial Field for recreational activities. Park areas are maintained by the Park District on behalf of Lake residents.

Warren Beach & Jackson Beach are open for swimming during the summer months with lifeguards on staff during hours of operation. Hours are posted at the beach areas. Swimming is permitted only when lifeguards are on duty. First Aid is available from the lifeguards.

Putnam Lake has two boat launches (North and South) where cars or trailers can be driven up to the water’s edge to launch boats. There are several cleared areas where boats with a Park District registration sticker may be stored. Please be courteous not to block pathways so access is clear for all residents. No boats, canoes, or other multi-person vessels may be stored on beach areas or launched from the beach area. Fishing is not permitted from the docks or on any of the beach areas. Please remember to be courteous to other adults and children.

Beach rules are posted below for you to review prior to heading down to the beach:

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Boat Regulations

Boat Storage

All boats stored or used on the parkland require a Park District Registration Sticker issued by the Town of Patterson. To acquire a sticker for your boat, visit the Town Clerk’s office at Patterson Town Hall during normal business hours or Email us for other possible arrangements. Forms are available here.

Boat Registration Tags



Safe Boating Policy

To ensure safe boating on Putnam Lake, the following regulations must be followed:

New York State Boating Regulations:

Cleaning Your Boat, Trailer, Fishing Gear

In order to prevent the introduction of invasive plants or animals, all boats, trailers, waders, bait buckets, and any other equipment MUST be free of any plant, animal and/or insect species. To guarantee your boat and fishing equipment is safe, only use it on Putnam Lake. If your boat or fishing equipment is used elsewhere:

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Best Practices for Living in Putnam Lake

Parkland Care

The quality of Putnam Lake and the surrounding parkland is directly affected by every homeowner. Fortunately, just a few simple steps on the part of each resident can dramatically improve our waters. Our lake is a beautiful resource and we encourage each community member to get involved directly or indirectly to help improve the water quality of Putnam Lake. Your contributions, however large or small, make a significant impact on the Putnam Lake Water Quality. You can always get the latest news on Putnam Lake and its continued improvement at Park District Meetings. Report any vandalism, dumping or maintenance needs to the Park District Board by phone: 845-878-6500 Ext. 41, or via email at Here are some of the other things you can do to protect Putnam Lake:

Carry In, Carry Out. Please come and enjoy the lake and parkland, but please take your belongings and garbage with you. Personal items such as chairs, tables or play toys get vandalized or weather beaten and end up in the lake. Your litter should go in a garbage can or be carried off with you.

Pick Up After Your Pet. Pet waste can contribute to fecal contamination when it gets washed into the lake with rainwater. Please bag and remove your pet’s waste off the parkland.

Pick Up The Trash. As you stroll around the lake, consider picking up the garbage you see along the way. Loose trash doesn’t stay put, it blows into the lake. Your small contribution will go a long way!

No Yard Waste. Patterson Town code now makes it illegal to dump branches, leaves or brush on the parkland. Please dispose of properly. In addition, the decaying matter enters the lake as extra nutrients.

Leave the Parkland, Parkland. Please remember, there is no altering the parkland in any way. Patterson Town Code makes it unlawful to clear, dig or remove trees, construct docks or stone walls or alter the parkland without prior permission. The parkland is for all of our park district residents. Let’s keep it natural and healthy!


Don’t feed the wildlife. Feeding the geese or ducks can have serious health consequences for our lake and residents. It not only encourages them to gather in large flocks, but can cause them to stop migrating and take permanent residence in our waters, thus increasing the population. Unlike swans, Geese and Ducks bring nutrients into the lake by eating on shore and pooping in or near the water. Each goose can produce up to a pound of feces a day, so a whole flock can dramatically increase the phosphorus and bacteria in the water and stimulate algae growth.

Keep the Goldfish at Home. The lake is a well balanced ecosystem of natural plants and animals. Please do not dump aquarium plants, fish or amphibians into the lake. They can wreak havoc with the lake’s ecology.


Check Boats, Trailers and Fishing Equipment for Hitchhikers. Boats and equipment can carry aquatic weed fragments into Putnam Lake. It takes only one very wrong plant to create an invasive weed problem. To guarantee your equipment and boats are safe, use them only on Putnam Lake. If used elsewhere, wash thoroughly before enter Putnam Lake. Cleaning solutions should contain a minimum 2% bleach solution (3 ounces bleach to 1 gallon of water.)

Around Your Home

The network of roads in our tight community makes it easy for pollutants and nutrients to enter our lake. Pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning supplies, oil, compost, and septic can mix with rainwater and run into the lake through storm drains. Research has shown that just one pound of phosphorous can cause 500-1100 pounds of algae or lake weeds to grow! Although it may not be intentional, our actions play a major role in how green the lake becomes.

Avoid Pertilizers. The phosphorous and nitrogen you put down on your lawn or garden also feed the aquatic weeds in Putnam Lake. Most lawns don’t need fertilizer to grow healthy and green. Leave your grass clippings on your lawn as a source of natural fertilizer and you can avoid using chemical fertilizers. It’s cheaper and safer. If you must use fertilizer of any kind, use an organic of slow release kind to minimize the impact on the lake.

Avoid Pesticides. Residue from pesticides can run into the lake. It can poison birds, fish and insects, all of which are required for healthy lake water. Try a natural approach to gardening and skip the chemicals.

Go to a Car Wash. Washing your car in the driveway or yard will carry oil and soap products into the soil or down the storm drain to the lake. This will add nutrients to the lake water.

Keep Your Yard Clean. Any old equipment, machinery, liquids, garbage or decaying debris lying around your property can leach contaminants into soil. Have them removed or put items out at bulk pickup in the fall.

Buffer Areas on Parkland and Lakeside Homes. All water flows down hill to the lake and carries with it the nutrients that feed vegetation. Placing a buffer zone of plants between open lawn areas and the water’s edge helps decrease runoff and nutrients entering our lake. For homes with property abutting parkland or the water, please contact the Park Advisory Board to find out how you can get help planting buffer zones which will help the lake. Plus the geese won’t hang out on your lawn!

Maintain Your Septic System. Failed septic systems or saturated fields can cause serious lake quality problems and beach closures. Problems don’t just flush away, they flow into our lake. To maintain your septic system and keep problems from entering the lake, you should have your septic system pumped and inspected every 3-5 years. ontact a professional sooner if:

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Lake Water Quality Study

The Park District is working with Allied Biological to study remediation options for the Lake. Restoration will take time. The scope of the improvement plan requires three separate surveys:

The Park District has initiated an independent study of the lake to compliment the results of the CSLAP program and develop a comprehensive lake and watershed management plan for Putnam Lake. This will help improve water quality and provide a balance for recreational and ecological stability.

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